Natural Look Australia Intensive Hair Care Range

If you colour, style your hair with heat, or use chemical treatments, then you have probably seen your fair share of split ends, damage, and dryness. A lot of products on the market claim to remedy these issues, but they don't work very well. In order to restore health and volume, HairProHairCo recommends using the Natural Look Australia Intensive range.

Natural Look Australia is based in South Australia and has six products in their Intensive range. These products were created for people who have dry, straightened, permed, or coloured hair. The range's six products include a shampoo, conditioner, finishing rinse, leave-in treatment, reconstructive treatment, and a hair sheen treatment. These are cruelty-free products; they are not tested on animals.

The Intensive Fortifying Shampoo thoroughly cleanses and even helps prevent further damage. The shampoo has Keratin protein and bamboo extract to make your hair stronger, healthier, and beautiful. This shampoo also prevents colour fade and will leave your hair shiny and better than ever.

The Intensive Silk-Enriched Conditioner in the Natural Look Australia Intensive range puts hydration back into dry or damaged hair. The conditioner has Keratin and chamomile extract to add strength and body. It reduces colour fade and adds staying power to your style.

Their Intensive Balsam 2.5 Finishing Rinse works to rejuvenate the hair and return it to a normal pH. It closes the hair cuticle, adding protection. This product reduces tangles and makes your hair feel soft and smooth. This product should be used after a chemical hair treatment and can help the treatment last longer.

Natural Look Australia's Intensive Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Treatment gives protection to your hair against chemicals and heat. Ingredients Panthenol and olive leaf extract help keep your hair tangle-free and hydrated. This leave-in treatment should be used daily to return your hair back to its normal pH and keep it healthy.

The Intensive Reconstruction Treatment protects your hair through the keratin protein and botanical extracts it uses. Your hair will be stronger and hydrated. This product helps reduce the amount of breakage and split ends.

Lastly, the Intensive Hair Sheen Treatment is a unique product. You hair's natural conditioner is called sebum. The Hair Sheen Treatment is an alternative to sebum for those who have dry and damaged hair. Even though it is an alternative, it does not leave the hair feeling greasy or oily. It adds just enough to your hair to restore moisture. This is a protective product. It creates a layer of protection against the sun's rays and even pool/beach water. It is recommended that you use this product after using an aerosol dry shampoo.

The Natural Look Australia Intensive range of products is the solution to anyone with dry, damaged, or coloured hair. It was created for people who have dry, straightened, permed, or coloured hair to restore your hair back to health. Natural Look is a brand based in South Australia and they make cruelty free products. If your hair needs hydration, body, or protection, try the Natural Look Australia Intensive Range and you won't be disappointed.