Niue Producing Coconut Oil

Many of us have become comfortable with coconut oil as it's sparked in popularity in the past couple of years. For everything from beauty, health, cooking, and even dental hygiene, people have found coconut oil very useful. Niue Island has the capacity to process around 3,000 tons of coconuts per year. With this, they're hoping to develop their coconut oil industry. What better a place to get your cold pressed 100% organic coconut oil then from an island named Niue, which translates to ‘behold the coconut.’

History of Niue
Niue is an untouched tropical paradise, but it wasn't always this way. In June of 1774, a Captain named James Cook made an attempt to land on the island but was forced away by the inhabitants. Cook deemed the land "Savage Island". Until the 1960's, there wasn't a defined culture or concept to the island and your average person had no clue it even existed. Little by little, the island started gaining attention from the outside world and eventually people from other countries started visiting the island. After resurgence in popularity coconuts were identified as a possible means to help create a way for the people of Niue to provide for their families and provide the islands fledging economy with a boost.

Culture of Niue
Niue Island means 'behold the coconut' and is a large island that was formed from an erupted volcano. It consists of fourteen villages that are on the outskirts of the island. Some of the forest areas of the island are now considered a protected area. There is a low population on the island due to continual migration of people to New Zealand, where over 20,000 Niuean’s live. Part of this is because a lot of economic opportunities lay in New Zealand and not in Niue. What needs to happen is a reversal to the trend in order for Niue to take full advantage of its wealth in its main economic sectors of employment. One way to achieve this is to adopt measures to develop areas of the economy which have potential but are neglected. An area is the production of Coconut products; more specifically Niue Cold Pressed 100% Organic Coconut Oil.

How They Use Coconuts
In addition to creating coconut oil, the residents of Niue (also referred to as Niue, rock of the pacific) use all parts of the coconut and tree to make their lives easier. The branches of the trees are made into brooms or hairbrushes. The wood of the tree is perfect for walking sticks while the dried leaves are used for making baskets. The pulp of the coconut is what they use to produce coconut oil by drying and then applying massive amounts of pressure to extract the oil. The shell of the coconut is often repurposed as a cup and they use the flesh of the coconut for cooking.

As the island of Niue continues to develop a cold pressed virgin 100% organic coconut oil industry, keep the quality of this product in mind. They take a lot of care for the crop as it is important to build a reputation of quality. They're very specific in their uses and procedures to give the best product that they can. You can purchase coconut oil direct from HairProHairCo. When you buy Niue coconut oil, you're not only supporting a product but the history and culture of the island itself.